After completing their family of 5 children, Jeff and Julie Austin were in a dilemma as to whether Julie should go back to work or find another way to help Jeff support their family.  Julie wanted to have a career where she could be with her children. When planning one of their children's birthday parties, it became evident that their local area lacked a facility to hold a unique birthday party.  Jeff and Julie started brainstorming on the business they would like to open and ended up with the XTREME PLAY™ concept.

The first XTREME PLAY™ was opened in April 2007 in Concord, NC.

The next XTREME PLAY opened in July 2009 in Monroe, NC by Joseph Austin and Brian Pace.

The decision to offer franchises was made after numerous requests for “a store in my town” put forth by their customers.  The process to do this was begun in 2007 with the establishment of XTREME ENTERTAINMENT, INC.  After months of paperwork and preparation, the first franchises of XTREME PLAY™ were offered by XTREME ENTERTAINMENT, INC. in the fall of 2009. (Plans are in the works to open multiple locations in 2010.)


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